Where to Buy Horizon Treadmills

If you know that you want to buy a Horizon treadmill, such as the popular T101, and are wondering which is the best place to buy this page is for you.

Should you turn to off-line Horizon treadmill dealers, Horizon treadmill retailers or buy a Horizon Treadmill online?

Here we explain the different options and the pros and cons of each option, as we understand them from looking at the experience of buyers who have bought from these various sources.

Ok then, let’s look into where to buy horizon treadmills…

Who Sells Horizon Treadmills?

If  you are wondering about where to buy horizon treadmills, the first thing to understand is who sells Horizon home fitness equipment.

That way you know your options and can consider the pros and cons of each one.

Here is a summary of the main options.

Horizon Treadmill Dealers and Horizon Treadmill Retailers

In many countries, Horizon Fitness still sells their home fitness machines through a network of Horizon treadmill retailers.

These, typically sporting goods shops, limit the range of home exercise machines that they sell to one or two manufacturers.

Pros – Buy Horizon Treadmill From Retailers or Dealers

These Horizon treadmill dealers are normally very knowledgeable about the equipment that they sell.

They are usually extremely helpful. Most will answer any questions that you may have face to face or over the phone.

In some showrooms, you will be able to try out the machine. This can be handy, but bear in mind you will only be able to try it for a few minutes, which is a shame because it is not really long enough to tell for sure how well the machine will perform in actual use. If you could try your full 45-minute workout, you would know for sure whether that particular model was right for you.

Unfortunately, most shops simply cannot allow users to try out a running machine for that amount of time.

Cons – Buy From Retailers or Dealers

Usually you have to travel to the shop to buy from this kind of Horizon treadmill retailer.

Fine if they are just around the corner, but a big issue if it means a round trip of an hour or more.

In addition, these firms normally charge for delivery, which is a cost, you usually only become aware of just before you place your order.

If something goes wrong, you may be asked to send it back to the Horizon treadmill dealer for repair.

It depends what country you live in and which machine you bought and on the honesty of the dealer, whether you will need to do this or not, but returning it to the dealer can work out expensive.

Buying a Horizon Running Machine Online

You can also buy Horizon Fitness equipment online.

There are literally dozens of places where you can do this. Everywhere from Amazon to small drop shipping firms sell this very popular range of home fitness equipment.

Pros – Buy Your Horizon Treadmill Online

Shopping online is great way to shop around for the best price.

It is easy to compare prices online.

You also get access to reviews from actual users, which provides you with handy feedback that you can use to make an informed purchasing decision.

Of course, you need to keep an eye out for fake reviews, but these are generally easy to pick up and ignore.

Cons – Buy Your Horizon Treadmill Online

The biggest problem with buying online from independent Horizon treadmill retailers is that you may well be conned.

There are a lot of unscrupulous people out there that set up websites and do things like sell used or re-conditioned Horizon treadmills, exercise bikes and elliptical machines as if they were new. It is all too easy to end up paying full price for what is effectively second hand equipment or an old and discontinued model.

You can also experience problems with the warranty when you buy online.

Where to Buy Horizon Treadmills Summary: Direct From Horizon

Our preferred way of buying a Horizon treadmill or other fitness machine is to buy it direct from Horizon Fitness (Johnson Fitness).

This is the only way you can be 100% sure that you get what you pay for.

If you buy direct from them you will definitely be getting a brand new machine, and you will get full access to their support.

There will be no doubt that it is fully covered by the comprehensive Horizon Fitness warranty and you will not end up paying more than you should. Horizon regularly holds sales, so you can still find great deals when you buy your treadmill in this way.

If you want to find out more about the Horizon range of home fitness treadmills and trainers click this link.

It will take you direct to the Horizon Fitness website, which is our recommended answer to the common question of where to buy horizon treadmills.