Earnings Disclosure

Here is my compensation disclosure for treadmill worx.

The FTC recently approved new guidelines for complete disclosure regarding testimonials and endorsements. Also read the FTC document “what people are asking“.

The revised guidelines confirm that any material connections to endorsements must be disclosed. This is the perfect time to offer disclosure information about myself.

Offering my services to my readers is considered a privilege.

I honor and respect your request for my services.

In This Country Time Equals Money

It is expensive for me to keep my site up and running on the Internet.

There are specific ways my time can be compensated for on the website. I use affiliate marketing to help provide compensation for my time. When a visitor on my site clicks on the links, I may be compensated if they make a purchase. Not all the links on my website will provide me with a commission. However many of the links on my website are set up as affiliate links. I only earn the commission. when a visitor clicks on the link and then makes a purchase. This occurs often in the course of business, so I feel it is important to share this information. I am sharing this information to encourage people to come back and visit my site.

The success of my website is in the hands of individuals who continue to visit my site. When patrons visiting my website use the links; it helps me manage the costs involved in managing and updating the site. I an not making millions of dollars through the use of the affiliate links. The earned income allows me to keep my services available to the many patrons who visit the site.

The commissions received from the affiliate links do not influence the material content on the website. It is my intent to monitor the affiliate links. It is my intent to insure the links provide accurate and trustworthy information. However it is almost impossible to monitor and verify all the information associated with each link. Before purchasing a product through a link, it is important to research the item. Research the product on the Internet. Check to see if there are any complaints against the manufacturer. A little research will insure you do not purchase a product that does not perform as anticipated. Product research is essential, as I am not able to modify any information on the affiliate links.

I am very grateful for all the patrons that visit my website. Thank you for utilizing the links on the site. Maintain the website would not be possible without your participation. I look forward to providing you with outstanding content in the future, without any cost to those who visit my website.

Please let me know immediately if you see information that is contrary to this disclosure.

This disclosure for www.treadmillworx.com was previously updated on June 17, 2015.