Privacy Policy

Everybody, and their mother, needs and deserves their privacy – this is our privacy policy for and our commitment to your privacy:

We are committed to your privacy and respect your right to it passionately.

We take full responsibility for protecting all the data you provide us with while you’re interacting on our site.

The following comprehensive privacy policy is so you will know and understand, exactly what data it is that we collect, and just how it gets used.

Customer/Membership Information for Treadmill Worx:

Customer and Membership account information given to us, (like email addresses, home addresses, passwords, credit card numbers, phone numbers, and other forms of payment information) is all held in strict confidence. We do not sell it or rent it out to 3rd parties.

Your information will only be used for the specific purposes laid out for you on this site, treadmill worx.

Privacy Regarding Email: (Email Alerts & Email Newsletters)

On this website subscription forms are used to enable individuals to request information. Our users subscribe to email newsletters or to email alerts for the categories they are interested in. We collect their information (such as email address, name, phone number, etc.) so we are better able to provide them with the information they requested. We never sell or rent any user’s email address to 3rd parties.

Confirmed Opt-Ins:

We offer opportunities for confirmed opt-ins for whatever email list you want to receive. You email address is used to confirm your subscription as well as the validity of the email address provided. To complete a subscription to any email list, you must reply to this confirmation email. There is a ‘Manage Your Subscription’ form so you can change your email address at any time, as well as unsubscribe from the subscription and email address you signed up with, so you can subscribe again using your new email address.

To Unsubscribe:

All subscribers have the right to unsubscribe or opt-out from any email lists they are currently signed up for. Emails that are sent to you include the necessary information for how to unsubscribe.

User or Member or Client Communications:

Anytime you send us an email or some other form of communications, we retain those communications to help us to process your requests and to improve the overall quality of our services.

Relationships (Transactional):

Users, Member, or Customers are all considered to be engaging in their own personal transactional relationship when using this site. That means it may be necessary for us to email you or communicate in some form from time to time to ensure the prompt delivery of our services.

Personal Info as Well as Various Other Data We May Collect:

When you register for our various services, we may collect your personal information. That includes your name and email address, a postal address, your phone number, and more. This data may be combined with other services or with 3rd party data so we can give you a much better user experience.

This website, treadmill worx, DOES use cookies as well as other types of technology used in the goal of providing a better service. It helps us to learn our customers/users and to improve on your user experience as well as our delivery.

Our servers may be logging or recording information automatically whenever you are interacting with this website or using any of our products/services. Examples of this information would be your IP address, browser type, country of origin, operating system, domain name or names, page views, user sessions, or language type. This data helps us to better diagnose any problems and to improve our delivery of services to you.

How We Use Information:

We might use your personal information that you give us to help us with our own analysis and research into how we can better our operations and products/services. It assists us in the developing of new products/services, that are better than the one before them. We thrive on constantly improving so our users like using our site.

As far as non-personal information is concerned, we may share that type of information with certain 3rd parties that are outside of our own website.

Whenever we do use 3rd parties for assisting us with processing your personal information (like a shopping cart provider, etc.) we insist that they comply with all our Privacy Policies and security measures in the strictest of confidence.

There may also be limited circumstance whereby we might share some information with 3rd parties when it involves complying with a legal process, imminent harm, security assurance, or the prevention of fraud.

We might also conduct user or member surveys to help us in improving our services.


Our website contains certain links to various other 3rd party sites. Users should be aware that these websites ARE NOT covered by our own site’s Privacy Policy. Although we make attempts at ensuring all links are still active, we take no responsibility for the kind of content you find there. It is highly recommended that while on those sites, you read over their own specific Privacy Policy as well.

This site may well present some links in such a way that enables us to track and see whether or not the links have been followed. Using this information will help us to improve on the quality of our own services.

The Advertising of Specific Terms and Conditions:

We utilize a combination of 3rd party and internal advertising companies for serving ads on the site as well as in our emails, and they are based on user personal information. These companies use this information to track ad effectiveness depending on your browsing habits and web visits. The information that is collected could include your geographical location, historical data previously collected, cookies, and IP Address. We will NEVER give advertisers access to your personal information even if you view a targeted ad. However, when you do interact with ads, you are giving your consent for possibly having an advertiser assume you meet with their targeting criteria that sparked the delivery of the ad.

Double-Click DART Cookies:

(1). 3rd party vendors, Google included, might use cookies for serving ads on this website property.

(2). The use of DART cookies enables Google to serve specific ads to users based on visits to this website property, as well as to other websites online.

(3). User have the right to opt-out of using the Google DART Double-Click cookie used for interest-based advertising. They can do so at this URL –


More information:

Security Management & Data Security:

This site has put in place ‘reasonable’ security measure for protecting the misuse, loss, or alteration of all information controlled by US. That includes management procedures as well as specialized training for people working directly with our own databases.

Protecting unauthorized access to personal data, which includes physical security considerations, is of the utmost priority for us. We maintain and restrict personal information access to only those agents, contractors, and employees who have a ‘need to know’ in order to innovate, operate, and deliver the services of this website.

Notification of Changes:

Occasionally from time to time we’ll update this Privacy Policy.

Should there be any changes whatsoever in the way we use personal information, we will most definitely notify you by email and give you an opportunity to opt-out before any consequential changes have been made. The only exception to this is if you have already chosen to opt-out prior to our decision to make the change and use a new approach. It is highly recommended that you review our Privacy Policy from time to time so you will always understand how strongly we are committed to your privacy, how we use your information, and if there is anything new.

You Have a Choice:

Anyone can decline, at any time, to divulge or submit any personal information for our services. Be aware, however, that it could mean that this website is not able to provide you with its services.

Legal Disclaimer:

While we take huge steps in making every effort to preserve the privacy of our users, there are times when disclosing personal information may be required by law, or a good-faith action may be called for in an effort to conform to the dictates of law, or the complying of a legal process, or for us to exercise or establish our own legal rights, or to defend against certain legal claims.

Contacting This Site:

If there are any questions regarding this Privacy Statement or the practices exercised by this website, or about your own personal dealings on this website, feel free to contact us.

We are pleased to answer your questions in an individual manner, but please contact us before making any inquiries for all questions will be answered at once.

For requests to use the services of other companies, including their personal websites and social media properties, without subscription to our personal web portal, please contact the companies directly.

We reserve the right to deny requests to use the personal service of other companies, except for a few examples of permitted websites.

We would like to reiterate that this is a personal site, not a professional business or e – commerce site, and your right to protect your privacy and not be harassed or threatened with prosecution by either ourselves or third parties, is absolutely imperative.

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