Where to Find the Horizon T101 Treadmill at the Best Price

This page is all about the Horizon T101 folding treadmill from Horizon Fitness, Johnson Fitness, JHT. Specifically it is about buying the Horizon T101 for the best price. If you want to find out more about this treadmill please check out our in-depth T101 treadmill review page.

To find out how to buy the Horizon T101 treadmill at the best price please read on.

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Last Updated – September 12, 2021

Where Can I Buy the Horizon T101?

First, here are your options for buying a treadmill (for even more in-depth information read where to buy Horizon treadmills). They are not all good places to buy, but we want you to be aware of all your options, so that you have all of the information to make an informed decision.

We have had a look around and analysed how much each kind or retailer is charging for this running machine, so have included a price range for each type of seller.

Now naturally, those prices can change, but at least this gives you some idea of how much a Horizon T101 would cost from each retailer.

This treadmill is produced and sold by Johnson Health Tech (*)(**). The T101 is the little brother to the more versatile T202 (compared here).

Best Price – Offline Options

Sporting Goods Shops

Horizon T101 treadmill price: $799 (best price case) to $1,100 + delivery and maybe cost of return for repairs under warranty

If you are lucky enough to live near a good sporting goods shop this can be a good option provided the store you are buying from has a good reputation for customer support.

There are good and bad retailers. Be careful not to buy from the type that makes a sale and offers no support. There is no point in paying a premium price and being ignored if you have questions or issues.

Also, be careful to check which version you are buying.

There are four different versions.

If you are not careful, you can easily end up buying one of the older versions, which do not offer the same level of functionality.

Second Hand

Horizon T101 best price range: $300 – $700 +hire or borrow a van for delivery – no warranty, so any repairs are at your cost

Of course, you can buy a second hand Horizon T101.

We would not normally recommend it, because treadmills get a lot of wear and tear, which means it is all too easy to end up buying one with problems.

However, if you really want a used treadmill you can buy them from gyms, private sellers and sometimes buy re-conditioned Horizon treadmills from dealers and sporting goods shops.

Bear in mind you normally have no warranty when you buy in this way.

Best Price – Online Options

Amazon and Real World Shops

The Horizon T101 price: $799 to $999 + maybe the cost of delivery

There are a several main street/high street retailers who also offer you the chance to buy online, and of course, you can buy from Amazon.

Comparing products online before buying is always a great idea.

Direct From Horizon Fitness

The current Horizon T101 treadmill price is $699 – free delivery – full warranty with most under warranty repairs being carried out in your home

Horizon Fitness sells all of their equipment direct to all kinds of buyers.

They have sites in the US, UK, Mexico, Australia, Canada, Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam, so if you live in any of those countries you can buy your jogging machine direct from the manufacturer.

👋 The Horizon T101 best price that we have found is when it’s on sale on their website (as low as $699).

Where We Would Buy to Get The Horizon T101 Best Price

As you can see the Horizon T101, treadmill price varies greatly from retailer to retailer.

You can pay anything between $799 and $1,100 for a new one.

Understandably, you are going to be tempted to buy from the cheapest retailer.

However, our advice, which is borne out by experience is for you to buy direct from Horizon if you can possibly do so.

There are three reasons for doing so:

  • You get access to the full warranty and support, which will save you money in the end.
  • Buying direct from Horizon is the only way to be sure that you are buying a genuine Horizon T101, rather than an expensive fake that falls apart after very little use.
  • You know that you are buying the latest version rather than an older model with less functionality.

With the Horizon T101 price is just one consideration. Bear in mind that you are going to be using this machine on an almost daily basis. You are using it for one of the most important aspects of your life, staying fit and healthy, so you want to use the best tools possible.

Just focusing on the Horizon T101 best price, and buying a cheap Horizon treadmill usually turns out to be a false economy.

Investing a few dollars more is the best way to guarantee that you end up with a fitness machine that won’t let you down.

Check the Horizon T101 best price on the official webbshop of Horizon fitness, see below.

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